A Merry Christmas to Every Parent with Stolen Children, and to their Children who aren’t allowed to contact them

December 24, 2012 — 2 Comments
Declan James Riley.. my boy who I miss so much.

Declan James Riley.. my boy who I miss so much.

I do wish a Merry Christmas to everyone, but you can all wait a day :)

In this post I want to wish a special Christmas to every father or mother who is a victim of the travesty which is the Family Court of Australia.

I’ve several times worked for Members of Parliament, Federal and State, and I use to deal with many parents who’d had their children unfairly stolen…oddly like my ex-wife had as well.

It only took a divorce and epically wrong actions in court to make me understand that all those times my ex and I didn’t understand, that by experience now how wronged you’d all been.

A court that allows people like “Ms Ilana Katz” a “so-called” Family Report writer to say in a report to the Family Court that I’m unemployable and I haven’t held down a job in seven years (indeed it’s a gross fantasy by a father hating report writer), and it’s been testified in court that it isn’t true at all, but people like Ms Illana Katz continue to be employed to intentionality tell proven lies to the Family Court of Australia, in an ongoing attempt to deny access to children, particularly when in comes to fathers.

I’m restricted by a bullshit order that isn’t even constitutionally valid against saying anything derogatory about my ex. But in this country fact does not under any law constitute a crime; truth trumps defamation.

My son is told that the court restricts me on seeing him, and further that I don’t want to because I won’t comply with the court.

What Declan James Riley doesn’t know is those orders are as per everything that her mother asked for, and that every time I tried to comply with them she tried to change them.

The mother conspired with her solicitor to have me harassed in other ways by a third party: fact.

I couldn’t afford another solicitor for the family court because of her complicity with an ongoing harassment campaign from a third party: fact.

I keep saying fact because her non-free speech order says I can’t defame her, but in this country truth is a defense to defamation.


And so I come into this Christmas with me being unable to see my son let alone send him a present, call him, or anything more. (Declan James Riley.)

He believes that it’s due to “court orders” but he’s never been told that his mother, and her partner, the husband of the woman she tried to give eggs to under the IVF program (known here as IVF man…fairly…and in fact) are the people who got the court order, the same people who told my own mother that they were determined to make sure that the court would make sure that they’d never have to deal with me again.

To Declan, I will always love you and I miss you and I can only hope that I can find the money one day to force the court one day to let me see you again.

If I can’t find the money, please my beautiful amazing son, I love and please reach out to me when you are 18.

Again, to all those mothers and fathers out there who have had their children stolen by the Australian Family Court, my wishes to you all.

And next year I urge you all to vote for someone who reforms family law.

another example of me ignoring him apparently: bike clothes I'd bought, and the bike is on the Yarra Trail maybe 12kms for where we lived at the time.

another example of me ignoring him apparently: bike clothes I’d bought, and the bike is on the Yarra Trail maybe 12kms for where we lived at the time.



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    Let’s make a million bucks and go get your son back brother.

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    Good post. Thanks for the heads-up.