One Year Since I’ve Seen My Son Declan James Riley

May 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

So it’s been one year since I’ve seen my son Declan James Riley.

His mother has been determined from our separation to make sure I never ever see him or have contact with him again.

Her main witness stated over and over again that she would never let me see Declan again publicly on Twitter and in court.

My ex wife’s lawyer (Elizabeth Gray of Gallbally OBryan) lodged documents that stated that I had starved my son including never feeding him properly, and never took him to after school activities, sporting events or even school.

The fact that I had Four Square checkins at each location I supposedly never took him to…hell, I was mayor at most of them..unless you can pay for defense…makes no difference when you can’t afford to fight back.

The truth though, as can be proved by Michelle Riley’s parents (Ian DeBoer and Kaye Minette) is that I did take him to school every day while we were married (me to and back) and cooked for him every day (she was always off working.) I loved my son and unless they lie Ian DeBoer and Kaye Minette will confirm that.

Declan James Riley.. my boy who I miss so much.

Declan James Riley.. my boy who I miss so much.

It’s been 12 months since I’ve allowed to be allowed to see my son.

I can apparently see him again, as long as I front up with $350 for 4 hours.

That’s a bit standard when you’re a child molester, parent who’d done bad etc etc..

This is the fun part: I’ve never been accused of anything. But my ex swore to my mother (and I paraphrase) that I will do everything to make sure I never had to talk to him again.

Guess what: I love my son, I drove him and picked him up from school every single day until my ex left me.

I argued over and over again that Declan should be taken out of Erasmus Hawthorn because it was bad for him when Michelle wouldn’t: he was under constant abuse by other children, and it ended in Declan being punched over and over again.. something my ex accepted. It took Declan having the shit beaten out of him at Erasmus for my ex to agree to take him out of the school.

But I digress: I was accused of everything under the sun by my ex wife, which is ultimately ironic given I was the stay at home parent.

So we get to today and I can’t afford the lawyers to even see my son.

Declan I miss you so much, but understand your mother and step-father (who know doubt you’re being pushed to call your father now) won’t let me see you.

Declan James Riley. Your dad loves you and will to the day you die. Every day hurts without being able to see you.

Dad/ Duncan.

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  1. hi dad stop abusing mum

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